Hostgator Internal Server Error 500 [ Reasons] How to Fix Hostgator internal Server error?

Internal Server Error 500 in Hostgator

Internal Server Error 500 is found when the website is not able to execute the codes or the server is not able to recognize the source. Usually server is not able to find the combination of looping codes in website backend source code.

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Hostgator Internal Server Error 500 and Ways to Fix it : 

Let us consider few common reasons for 500 Internal Server Error.

  • Permission set:File permissions overlapping is the most common problem for 500 Internal Server Error. Please make sure you give all the directories and folders 755 permission set and for Images, Text or any media associated with HTML file must be with the permission set 644
  • Invalid or conflicted .htaccess: There may be some conflicted or misguided lines added to the actual server code in .htaccess extension files. Please make sure you have the copy of actual coding text before doing any changes now. One of the feasible solution is to comment out those conflicted lines like adding pound sign ‘#’ in front of the line.
  • Addons: By adding more number of Addons would definitely affect your server page and makes it vulnerable with the errors 500 Internet Server Error. So, I suggest you to use only the Addons needed.

We have covered all the information needed on Hostgator Error 500 .Guys if we have missed out anything on hostgator error, please do let us know in comments section.

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