How to Host Multiple Domains on HostGator Shared Hosting | HostGator Add On Domain

If you’re looking to use multiple domains across one hosting platform, then the first question you need to ask yourself is, what hosting company do you use?

Some companies allow you to have unlimited domains, for a monthly price, like HostGator. Most hosting companies out there only let you have a single domain, and this becomes a problem when you want to have many websites on your account, especially in a few years when your business or leisure needs grow.

HostGator Advanced Package for multiple domains

If you choose the unlimited hosting account with HostGator, you get a capable, easy to use hosting platform. The unlimited shared hosting are used by many web professionals and it is rather simple to host many domains off one account. This also saves you time on website admin as you’ll never need to login to many accounts to manage all your domains.

To get this to happen, you will need an advanced hosting package, where you can have add-on domains. Remember that the basic plans do not allow for this, so it is best to budget for the advanced HostGator add-on domain package. This is not a line item feature that you can simple add onto a basic plan, you will need to purchase the advanced plan.

Why should you get multiple domain hosting in one shared account?

  • It works out cheaper, as you’re only dealing with one hosting company, in this case, HostGator, for all your domain needs.
  • If you’re using a single hosting account, you can view all your websites in just one interface.
  • It’s a good long-term investment, as the domains are unlimited.

How to host multiple domains within one shared hosting account

Before you choose your plan, it is imperative that the solution you wish to purchase offers unlimited domains within one shared hosting account. Some hosts tell users that their plans are unlimited, but do not actually include multiple domain sharing features.

With HostGator, you will find that the hosting account does in fact include this, and you simply have to sign up, pay the fees and set up your account. HostGator is also very well-known for its ease of working when you have websites that are built on WordPress. The functionality is quick and easy to use.

What are the best unlimited domain plans available from HostGator?

HostGator has various hosting plans, which include the Baby Hosting Plan. This plan gives you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains and unlimited storage – which is why it’s the most popular of the lot. Most users are content with the uptime that they get off this plan, and the best part is that you can host an unlimited amount of websites!

Many users sign up for the HostGator Baby Hosting Plan and don’t realise just how much it comes with. You have an entire section that is called “add-on domain” within your account and it is so simple to actually get this into play.

What if I currently host my domain with NameCheap or GoDaddy?

There are many people out there that think this is an issue, and as a result, don’t sign up with HostGator. If your domain is hosted from a source like NameCheap or GoDaddy, you can simple change your name server of the domain to point to your HostGator account, and then add your domain as an add-on within your cPanel in the HostGator platform.

Hostgator Addon Domain Feature.

It’s quite simple and can be done via cPanel under the domains section. You will then find the add-on domains functionality, which will redirect you and open up in a new window. You will then find the fields below for you to fill in:

  • New domain name – which is where you would type in your desired domain name. if you wish to create a specific FTP account for your desired add-on domain, then simply click the option that says “Create FTP account associated with this add-on domain”
  • Subdomain – this is usually auto completed when you use cPanel, but you can also leave it blank if you wish
  • Document root – this is where you add the location of where your data from the add-on domain will be kept. The location should be an actual folder.
  • Password – this will be used to access the domain’s account.
  • Rewrite password – this is for security purposes.

Once these fields are all filled in, all you have to do is add the domain button and you’re all good to go! You will be able to view the new domain and you’ll also be able to edit or delete it if you wish to.

How to Install Multiple Domain Names on Single Hostgator Hosting  ?

In Our previous Article, we have covered an article on how to install a new domain name on Hostgator.Just go through it once.

Process will remain same for installing WordPress on a Hosting Account using Softaculous App Installer.

Only Difference here is we have to make use fo Addon Domain Feature to install second / third / multiple domains on the same hosting.

On the Hostgator Control Panel Page,look for Domain’s Tab and click on Addon Domains 

Enter the Domain Name in the specified Block.Default Values would be taken by Hostgator for Subdomain & Document Root Columns.

Click on Add Domain.

That’s it ..You can successfully added another domain to your existing Hosting Account.

Now you have install WordPress on Hosting for the new Domain Name.We have already explained on Installing WordPress on Hostgator Using Softaculous Installer..


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